Tony Tshivhase Incorporated is a niche, agile legal firm specializing in all aspects of corporate, commercial and tax law. Its offices are situated in Gauteng (Woodmead).

The firm combines a wealth of experience and professionalism with youthful enthusiasm and energy. In essence, from working with us, our clients get the best of both worlds, as our professionals bring a wide range of unique skills and experience

acquired through their involvements over many years in both medium size and large legal firms. High quality legal advice and expertise is our stock in trade.

The firm's entrepreneurial flair enables it to be in tune with its like-minded clients who appreciate legal advisory services from a legal firm that understands them, their businesses and their business aspirations.

Tony Tshivhase Incorporated - The Vision
From the onset it is clear that Tony Tshivhase Incorporated is not only about Tony Tshivhase. It is about those who work with him and those who he still wants to get on board. He is passionate about making his profession more accessible and exciting for young people. "Without compromising standards," he is quick to add. "Most big firms train lawyers to pass board exams; we'll be training them to become good lawyers."

He left the large law firm Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Inc, where he was first a Director and later a Consultant, at the beginning of 2011, after seeing a gap in the market for a law firm that is mainly run and owned by black people.

"The firm will have a different way of finding and nurturing talent. Not all A students are necessarily good lawyers," adds Tony. According to him they are going to be on the lookout for potential; graduates who can think on their feet.

Tony believes many young lawyers get disillusioned within their

first few years of practicing. He wants to make young people excited about this profession he has been in for more than 20 years. "I want them to think outside the box. I want to make being a lawyer more fun."

Tony would like to create a flat structure where directors and young employees work together, where there is an open-door policy and where the difference in senior and junior employees' financial rewards is not as big as at other law firms. He also wants to avoid situations where lawyers only get the opportunity to do certain types of work. He believes in the fair distribution of work for maximum exposure.

Although Tony and his team have been taking things slowly and carefully, making sure they have systems in place and clients on board in a structured firm, he believes they will double or triple their number of legal practitioners within six months to a year. The firm is going to attempt to employ the majority of trainees they take in on completion of their articles.

He believes the key to success is staying disciplined and focused. "Hard work is part of the parcel. You must be prepared to work hard, and you must enjoy solving other people's problems."